Preparing for classroom success starts with being tech-ready

(BPT) – The back-to-school season is equal parts excitement and stress. Busy parents often find themselves overwhelmed running around town trying to get all the supplies needed so their children have a successful school year – all without breaking the bank.

Considering the growing role technology plays in the classroom, it’s also become an important part of preparing for the start of school. Whether it’s finding the right headphones for your kindergartner or a durable laptop for your teen, you want the best technology that fits your budget.

To cut stress, consider these top tips for navigating your students’ tech needs for the upcoming school year:

Consolidate your shopping

Stop running around town and instead head to a place where you can get everything on your list, including all the technology you need. Staples has endless back-to-school supplies, including notebooks, backpacks and a large technology selection.

Talk to the teacher

Your teen might be vying for that fancy new laptop for the new school year, but talk with the teacher before buying. You may find a basic model will be adequate for classroom needs so you can opt for a more affordable option.

Think about weight

Tablets and laptops in particular can get heavy. When shopping, keep the weight of technology in mind since your child will be carrying it around frequently. Lightweight 15-inch laptops like the Acer Aspire 3 Notebook and Dell i3 Notebook, each priced as low as $259.99 and $369.99 respectively, are available at Staples for back-to-school.

Get the lowest prices

Stay on your family budget by shopping the best deals. Staples is dedicated to providing the best assortment of top technology, all at competitive prices and backed by the 110 percent Lowest Price Guarantee. That means they’ll match any lower price you find on a competitor’s ad, then give you another 10 percent off.

Think about technical support

Technology is ever-evolving. Plus, no one wants a last-minute problem right before a report is due. Check into technical support services so you know you’re covered. Keep in mind, all laptops, desktops, Microsoft Surface and all-in-one PC purchases at Staples qualify for free 60 days of tech support between June 25 and Sept. 16, 2017.

Consider hand-me-downs

Hand-me-downs aren’t just for kids clothes. Technology can be a great thing to pass down to different family members. However, if old devices won’t work for current needs, remember you can always trade them in through Staples’ technology trade-in program. All year long you can get paid for old technology and easily apply those funds to your new purchases.

Have the talk

Technology is a privilege and it’s important to talk to kids about taking care of devices so they last all year. Keep items secure in the classroom, safe in backpacks and use in only respectable, appropriate ways. Security codes and passwords should be updated regularly and always kept safe.

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