Bring your family together with a fun, yet simple football-watching party

(BPT) – Football season has arrived, and it’s time to get started planning those football-watching parties so you can root the home team toward victory and post-season success. Game day is a great day to spend time with family and friends, so if you’re thinking about hosting a party , keep in mind there are ways to keep it simple and inexpensive so you can kick back and relax come kickoff time.

‘A good football party has something for everyone – from the youngest child to grandparents who have cheered the team on for years,’ says blogger Courtney Whitmore, from ‘Try these tips to quickly plan, shop and set up your party so you can spend time with your friends and family on game day. For me, it all starts at my local Family Dollar where I can get the name brands I love at a great value.’

* Establish the atmosphere – Game day is an exciting time for everyone, so keep the atmosphere fun and festive. Stock up on your party supplies from stores like Family Dollar for a quick, one-stop shop, including the perfect party foods like hot dogs with all the toppings or a nacho chip bar. Setting up foods ‘DIY’ style allows everyone to create their own favorites. Have an assortment of chips like Lays, Doritos or Tostitos handy so your guests can snack the entire time the game is playing.

* Tidy up the viewing area – Football games can get exciting, so keep your Bounty handy throughout the viewing area for your guests to grab in case of spills or just to wipe their messy fingers and faces. And clean up can happen in ‘real time,’ not after the party ends.

* Have extra supplies handy – In addition to paper towels, think about what else you might need on hand like extra Duracell batteries for the remote and Charmin for the bathroom. You do not want to run out of either when everyone is over to watch the game!

* Give kids a special space – Set up blankets, pillows, pom-poms in the team colors and other football paraphernalia as a kid’s cheer section right in front of the TV. They’ll love the front-and-center seating arrangement while the adults will appreciate lounging on couches and chairs.

* Keep the enthusiasm going all game long – Don’t let the energy sag come halftime. Pass around sweet little treats and hand out football-themed word puzzles to keep the kids occupied. Everyone will be fully charged and ready to continue cheering for the second half.

* Make cleanup simple – Since your guests will be enjoying the food and the game for several hours, the dirty dishes can pile up. Invite your family into the kitchen for the game recap and with a little Dawn dish liquid your kitchen will be cleaned up faster than the players can get out of the locker room.

With these tips, you’ll be ready to give your friends and family the perfect party atmosphere to cheer your team on to victory! And, by knowing where to shop, you won’t have to break the bank to create a fun game day party.

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