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Why your employer wants you to volunteer – and why you should

(BPT) - Does your employer consider community service part of a job well done? If you’re wondering whether you should take advantage of your employer’s

The right technology services are the key to killer customer service

(BPT) - Think sales numbers trump customer service? Think again. Research shows companies focused on providing a superior experience across the customer journey realized a

Online school: Taking the road less traveled to academic success

(BPT) - K-12 education has evolved. What used to be a linear path to academic success has expanded to a variety of nontraditional options for

Smart borrowing tips to help families pay for college

(BPT) - Six months ago, getting an envelope in the mail from a choice college was cause for rejoicing. The coveted acceptance letter meant you

Emerging trends in nursing instruction signal shifts across education

(BPT) - When patients are treated as individuals, they become engaged, active partners in their care plan and their health outcomes improve. This shift in

5 ways to earn extra money on the side

(BPT) - Whether you’re a college student, a stay-at-home parent or have a full-time job, there’s always room in the budget for a little extra

When is the best time to invest – or not?

(BPT) - The stock market has ridden a roller coaster this year. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), a stock market index comprised mostly of

The exception is now the rule: There’s a ‘new majority’ in college classrooms

(BPT) - When most people hear “college student,” they likely envision an 18-year-old who is fresh out of high school. But the student body on

Am I insurable? 3 steps to take

(BPT) - Most people intuitively know the benefits of good health. Some work hard to maintain their health throughout their lifetime, and others not so

Healthy career outlook for health care professionals with law skills

(BPT) - Career opportunities in the health care industry are expected to continue growing more quickly than in virtually any other industry, according to the Bureau

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