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Co-working trend shows working from home isn’t right for every small business person

(BPT) - Working from home seems like a professional dream for many, but sometimes your home isn’t the optimum place to do business. Perhaps you’ve

4 popular benefits that can help protect your retirement savings

(BPT) - Would you plug a leak if it cost $6 billion a year?

That’s the amount of “leakage” or retirement savings lost every year from

Wireless home phone devices offer savings and mobility

(BPT) - It seems more and more of us are “cutting the cord” these days, moving away from hard-wired connections to cable TV, internet service

Pension plan funding shortfalls threaten retirees in all 50 states

(BPT) - Everyone knows it is important to save for retirement in order to build a nest egg and enjoy the “golden years.” So why

Freedom is not free: Remembering our soldiers’ sacrifices this Veterans Day

(BPT) - When U.S. Navy Lt. John McGrath took off on his 178th mission over North Vietnam at the age of 27, he had no

5 stress-less holiday shopping tips to save you time and money

(BPT) - Each year, before the autumn leaves even have a chance to fall, the holiday shopping season arrives. The cost of holiday gifts — not to mention,

5 signs you’re banking at the right place

(BPT) - When choosing a financial institution, it's important to think beyond credit cards and home loans. You want your bank or credit union to

Career planning: Tips to help your student succeed after high school

(BPT) - There was a time when a college degree was considered the surest path to financial security, a home and The American Dream. But

6 unconventional jobs you can get with an IT or business degree

(BPT) - Good compensation and benefits, doing meaningful work, and having the opportunity to advance – those elements have always been what employees desire in

Veterans find hope and healing through creative arts

(BPT) - Where words fail, the creative arts have the ability to speak. Art therapy is an empowering technique that allows for self-discovery and has

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