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5 ways to improve your workday every day

(BPT) - Workdays - over the course of your career there's a lot of them. Too many in fact to just keep soldiering through when

Helmet safety: 7 tips for parents and coaches this football season

(BPT) - As coaches and athletes gear up for games underneath the Friday night lights, training camps are in full swing, complete with tackling techniques,

Cultural diversity of healthcare workforce key to improving nation’s health

(BPT) - By 2060, the American population will be older and more racially and ethnically diverse than at any other time in our history, according

Back to school: Get a smart start to the school year

(BPT) - The start of the new school year is fast approaching. It's a time when kids will rush back to the classroom, ready to

Simple ways to ease kids into back-to-school season

(BPT) - Excitement and dread are common feelings for both children and parents when back-to-school season arrives. No matter how much they look forward to

5 tips to help your child have a great school year

(BPT) - They grow up fast, don't they? One minute they're in a car seat and the next you're picking out a school backpack. The

The one security improvement businesses must make by October

(BPT) - Follow the news and it's easy to see that payment fraud has become the largest theft-related threat facing business and consumers in the

4 tips for taming back-to-school stress

(BPT) - Do you or your child have the back-to-school blues? If so, you're not the only ones. Saying goodbye to slower summer days can

Six ways to help your little one fall (gracefully) into a new autumn routine

(BPT) - Back-to-school time isn't just for the backpack-and-pencil-box crowd. With the season's new routines, it can also be a challenge for babies, toddlers and

4 ways to bring order to another school year

(BPT) - It's that time of year again; time for class projects and quizzes, field trips and friends, recesses and recitals. Yes it's time for

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