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Debunking home ownership myths for millennials

(BPT) - We've all been told, that owning a home is part of the American dream. It's the biggest and most rewarding investment many people

How to make sure your financial advisor is working in your best interest

(BPT) - Let's face it: finances can be complicated. Whether opening a new investment account, saving for your child's college fund or rolling over a

How savvy Wi-Fi use saves data and dollars

(BPT) - Access to cellular data has become the lifeblood of communications in the 21st century. We stay connected to keep up with news, weather

Tips to prepare your budget before buying a home

(BPT) - It's virtually impossible to know what size home you can afford if you aren't fully aware of how much money you are earning

3 tips to save money every wedding guest should know

(BPT) - Wedding season fills summer weekends with nuptials, and while we enjoy celebrating the bride and groom, all the 'something borrowed and something blue'

How to use your home equity in retirement

(BPT) - Most of us save and plan for decades to enjoy the period of our life when we no longer need to go into

5 Investment Strategies That Can Outlast Market Spikes

(BPT) - You're familiar with the saying 'If it seems too good to be true, it probably is'?

Just like any other scheme to 'get rich

5 steps that can improve your credit score in 100 days or less

(BPT) - Low interest rates, a strong economy and the turn of the seasons are all causing the real estate market to heat up. More

Tax tips for extension filers with investments

(BPT) - It's a common misconception that if you have investments you need to shell out a large chunk of change to have your taxes

Ready to start saving? Sometimes the best rates can be found across state lines

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