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Smart lessons: Three ways to make your college experience more affordable

(BPT) - You've seen the number - $1.2 trillion in unpaid student loan debt hangs over this country. For many college graduates, loans have become

Fueling education: Every penny matters when it comes to a child’s education [Infographic]

(BPT) - -

Diversity and a strong tech industry

(BPT) - Last year, a number of tech firms released reports on the demographic makeup of their employees and highlighted how diversity is severely lacking

The back-to-school item you may have missed: managing screen time

(BPT) - Kids are back in school, and parents have gone through their checklists to ensure their children are prepared to put their best foot

Nine in ten cardiovascular doctors support vascular screening for people with risk factors

(BPT) - Nine out of ten cardiovascular doctors support preventive health screenings for cardiovascular disease (plaque in the arteries) among patients with key risk factors.

5 ways to increase your workplace safety immediately

(BPT) - For millions of people like yourself, the daily grind is all part of the regular routine. Today, across the nation, there are more

Did George Washington sound like a wimp?

(BPT) - We all know what George Washington looked like. There are many well-known paintings and the museum at Mount Vernon even displays a painstakingly

Shooting blanks: George Washington fathered a country but not kids

(BPT) - George Washington is the 'father of our country' yet, ironically, he didn't leave any legitimate (or illegitimate) children in his wake.

As author Steve

Was George Washington an adulterer?

(BPT) - The roof of the Capitol Rotunda shows George Washington being lifted to heaven by angels. According to a new book, however, this Founding

7 life hacks for the college freshman

(BPT) - The transition to college is the first step into a new world and a new you. This is the time for empowerment and

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