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Bright ideas to help working women find work-life balance

(BPT) - Life for the modern working woman is a constant balancing act. She strives for success on the job while supporting her family and

5 money tips every teen should know

(BPT) - For most teens, high school is an exciting time for those sweet, first tastes of independence: first dates, first cars, first paychecks.

As low-stakes

Online schools allow personalized education with flexible schedules

(BPT) - K-12 education has evolved. What used to be a linear path to academic success has expanded to a variety of nontraditional options for

A+ ideas for supporting classroom learning

(BPT) - Proud parents across the country are watching their children head back to the classroom for another exciting school year. The knowledge they gain

Back to school tips: 4 ways to support local teachers this year

(BPT) - Every year, teachers across the country pour their hearts into helping students excel in school. Along with regular classroom time, teachers typically go the

5 back-to-school tips to maximize family time

(BPT) - As summer comes to a close, the anticipation of the new back-to-school year can be both exciting and stressful. Summer fun will soon

5 Easy Tips to Help Your Child Have a Successful School Year

(BPT) - As summer winds down, the excitement of back-to-school shopping, new classes and making new friends are top of mind for children across the

Back to school with diabetes: 5 steps to keep your child safe at school

(BPT) - For parents of children living with diabetes, back to school season includes more than the usual shopping trips for supplies and clothes.

Diabetes management is a

5 superfoods that support kids’ eye health

(BPT) - The start of the school year means a laundry list of to-do's for parents. From shopping for school supplies to scheduling an annual

Summer brain gain: STEM activities guaranteed to excite kids

(BPT) - When parents and educators discuss the "summer slide," they aren't talking about the cool new feature at the community pool. The term refers

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