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5 ways to save money on back-to-school shopping

(BPT) - The new school year is quickly approaching, and shoppers are expected to spend $83.6 billion dollars on clothing, supplies and other school items

4 back-to-school basics for a successful school year

(BPT) - With the summer months starting to cool, one thing is certain - it's time to store the beach toys for next summer and

5 must-have gadgets for heading back to school

Help support education and inspire positive classroom experiences nationwide during the back-to-school season [Video]

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Top tips for making back to school a success

(BPT) - Summer days are getting shorter. Summer fun is winding down for the season. Bedtimes are starting earlier. And parents seem to be oddly

5 ways to help kids start the school year strong

(BPT) - The beginning of the school year isn't just about getting backpacks and school supplies ready. It's also a time when parents check to

5 secrets of success: Traits to help you live without fear and reach your full potential

(BPT) - Do you ever wonder what's holding you back? A lot of people have all the skills and opportunities they need to reach

5 hassle-free tips for protecting your child’s valuables at school

(BPT) - From phones and tablets, to computers and headphones, technology has quickly become an integral component within the daily lives of students of all

Preparing for classroom success starts with being tech-ready

(BPT) - The back-to-school season is equal parts excitement and stress. Busy parents often find themselves overwhelmed running around town trying to get all the

5 tips for taking the stress out of ‘back to after school’

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