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5 tips for making your vote count on Election Day

(BPT) - With the significant impact elections have on our country, would it be surprising to hear that only 38 percent of eligible Americans voted

Why the next talk you have with your daughter should be about breast health

(BPT) - While breast cancer awareness has greatly increased over the last two decades, a recent national survey found that women and families are not

Hospice teams make more moments of life possible

(BPT) - Many people agree that it's the people they encounter throughout their lives that really make it worth living. But can the people you

Low female sex drive addressed in upcoming FDA meeting

(BPT) - With the hectic schedules that many women adhere to, it's not surprising that many feel stressed out or overwhelmed. The responsibilities of juggling

Work-life effectiveness: It’s more achievable than you think

(BPT) - Having a successful and fulfilling job and life outside of work can present challenges. While the debate over achievable 'work/life balance" and 'having

Tips to help online degree-seekers balance family, fun and education during the holidays

(BPT) - The holidays are typically everyone's favorite time of the year. They're filled with family, festivities, good cheer and good food. But for anyone

5 sanity-saving secrets to balance school and fun this holiday season

(BPT) - Sure, you were on your game when school first started, getting everyone out the door on time and packing perfect lunches every day.

Want your resume to be read? Avoid these 5 resume don’ts

(BPT) - Finding that perfect job opportunity doesn't come around very often for many, and when it does, excitement can take over and cloud the

Kids choose at one of country’s largest restaurants: the school cafeteria

(BPT) - Math, science, English and history - every day, children learn these important lessons in school. But every day at lunch, they walk into

High-tech monitoring of digital information keeps America secure

(BPT) - The digital age has made online information widely available both for good and bad purposes. When it comes to the nation's security, monitoring,

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