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Check out this year’s top 3 trends in vegetable gardening

(BPT) - Whether you go to a restaurant or stay home and dine in, you want what you eat to be fresh and full of

Celebrate Your Community of Moms on Mother’s Day

(BPT) - Mother's Day is a time to celebrate all mothers and the special place they have held in our societal and family structure for

Too many with epilepsy are unaware of this uncommon but fatal threat

(BPT) - For people with epilepsy-and for those who care for them-the side effects of the condition are well known. They know all about the

Think you’re eating well? Misconceptions lead to nutrient deficiencies for many

(BPT) - The good news? Americans think they are eating well; in fact, 60 percent say they eat a very healthy diet. The not-so-good news?

Shelter volunteers play critical role in animal welfare efforts

5 renovation resolutions for your home this year

(BPT) - It’s no secret that springtime is synonymous with spruce-ups. But, as is often the case, homeowners hone in on prettying-up patios and backyards

Essential and natural: Why this ingredient belongs in organic food

Plan on breakfast: 5 tips to ensure you don’t miss the most important meal of the day

(BPT) - Maybe it's because you hit the snooze button too many times. Maybe your toddler decided this was the day they were going to

Engage kids’ love of nature through bird feeding, ditch their devices and get them outdoors

(BPT) - Is it difficult to pry your kids away from their electronic devices to get them outdoors? From tots to teens, today's kids love

Proper nutrition is key to senior health

(BPT) - Americans are now living longer than ever before. In fact, one of the fastest growing segments is people over the age of 85

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