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These top dogs protect your herd or flock

(BPT) - When you raise animals, from poultry to cattle, hard work and dedication come with the territory. So how do you reward one of

Celebrate the last days of summer with a weekend getaway for the whole family

(BPT) - Before those magical summer days vanish into fall, now is a good time to pack your suitcases, load up the car and escape

5 tips for protecting kids with food allergies at school

(BPT) - If it seems like life-threatening food allergies are more common than they were when you were a kid, you’re not imagining it. The

5 helpful hints for welcoming a kitty home

(BPT) - Millions of cats are in shelters across the country waiting for a loving parent or family to bring them home. Every year, 3.4

Why you need vitamin E – and how to get your daily dose

(BPT) - You get your fill of vitamins C and D by eating oranges and soaking in a little sun each day, which is good

3 simple no-bake brunch hacks

(BPT) - In the heat of summer, a homemade brunch can seem like a daunting task, but don’t let that stop you from entertaining. Everything

The four best tech options for the student in your life

(BPT) - Cash, new wheels, dream travel, gift cards - what will you be giving the students in your life this year? Chances are good

New Study Reveals America’s Laundry Habits

(BPT) - Whether you learned it from your mom or through trial and error during your first year in college, everyone has developed laundry habits

5 sweet and simple summer traditions to start with your kids

(BPT) - In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the summer months are the perfect time to take a step back and create lasting

10 simple ideas for maximizing family time throughout the summer

(BPT) - Today's modern family juggles a multitude of obligations that keep schedules incredibly busy during the summertime. Parents balance work, errands and housework with

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