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Which kitchen style best matches your personality?

(BPT) - Everyone has a preferred style of kitchen, no matter if you're a chef at heart or just prefer to heat something frozen using

How simple stomach pains can take you to hell and back

(BPT) - Kimberly Kuchler wasn't too worried when she first felt some mild abdominal pains last summer. Young and full of energy, the former collegiate

FDA’s message to moms: Eat more seafood

(BPT) - Your mother probably told you 'fish is brain food.' Turns out she was right.

The nutrients in seafood are vital to the brain development

Timely, budget-friendly solutions for getting your house ready for the holidays

(BPT) - The fun chaos of the holidays is right around the corner. Family gatherings to plan, delicious meals to prepare, gifts to find and

Holiday survival guide: quick tricks to eliminate hassles and headaches

(BPT) - 'Tis the season for family gatherings, dinner parties, gift exchanges and the sound of laughter coming from around the table. With the hustle

Four ways to spark creativity in your children

(BPT) - As colder months roll in, your children will spend more time indoors so you'll need to be equipped with indoor activities that will

Simple steps to make your holiday guests feel at home

(BPT) - The holiday season makes for a memorable time of year, providing the chance to visit with old friends and relatives you might not

Expectant moms need iodine for healthy children

(BPT) - Expectant moms already have plenty to worry about including keeping up with medical appointments and setting up a nursery. However, one very easy

Common new mom question: Are all formulas created equal?

(BPT) - New parents have plenty of concerns when it comes to raising a newborn, and pediatricians have heard them all. While some questions are

Help prevent and manage diabetes with an active and healthy lifestyle

(BPT) - There's nothing better than sitting before a steaming plate of delicious-smelling food and taking that first, delectable bite. Now imagine joining your family

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