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Age ferociously with this eating game plan

(BPT) - A healthy diet and lifestyle are our best weapons against age-related diseases, and for staying healthy and active throughout life.

Becci Twombley is sports

A celebrity chef’s secrets to building a better sandwich

Frustrated while flying? Here are 5 smart ways to keep your cool

5 simple ways to stay connected as a family on a budget

Enjoy the latest trend in swimming pools

(BPT) - It was supposed to be a community swimming pool, but many people stayed away because they couldn't tolerate the biting, nose-curdling odor of

Shared housework may be the true language of love, survey says

Is your family expanding? Protect what matters most with these nursery safety checks

(BPT) - You may have chosen the perfect color palette and all of your nursery furniture, but have you thought about some key safety checks?


5 ways to stop mosquitoes from bugging you this season

(BPT) - Ask people what they love about the warm weather months and you'll get a variety of answers. They love the sun, the warmth,

5 baby formula myths debunked

(BPT) - The MythBusters on TV's Discovery channel tackled hundreds - if not thousands - of myths in their 19 seasons on the air, but

Diabetes impacts younger people more often: Are you at risk?

(BPT) - Every 17 seconds someone in the United States is diagnosed with diabetes. What's even more surprising is diabetes is growing fastest among younger

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