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5 fun ways to decorate for spring

(BPT) - Spring is the perfect time to shake things up with your home decor. As Mother Nature transforms her landscape with fresh buds and

5 reasons seafood is a great choice for a relaxing date night

(BPT) - “Date night” is an activity people typically look forward to with great anticipation. The good news is, your plans don’t have to be

5 reasons why talking about money can enhance a relationship

Trying to quit? Tips from former smokers can help you succeed

(BPT) - Since the Surgeon General released the first report on smoking in 1964, the smoking rate among adults has decreased from 42 percent to

Protect your heart with these easy meal add-ins

(BPT) - What’s the biggest threat to our health? It isn’t cancer or even accidents, but heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, one

Are you reading and posting content worthy of your smartphone data? 5 tips to switch up your online commentary

(BPT) - From awards shows to politics and sporting events, the beginning of the year is packed with comment-worthy moments. Many of us take these

The smart advice that makes clean eating an attainable lifestyle choice

(BPT) - Healthy eating trends come and go. Sometimes the fads are extreme, over-the-top and hard to maintain, but others offer simple, attainable changes that

Keep your teen athlete fueled with these 4 vital tips

(BPT) - High school can be intense, but being a student athlete can intensify expectations.

As the start of spring sports approaches, the stakes are even

5 fiscally-friendly budgeting tips for your family

(BPT) - Kids grow up so fast. As they do, those bills grow up right along with them – often faster than you can bring

Last-minute party tips: Be the ‘hostess with the mostest’ for the least work and stress

(BPT) - Everyone wants to be the 'hostess with the mostest' when throwing a last-minute party, but how can you wow your guests when you

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