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Top 10 tips for hosting a stress-free summer BBQ

(BPT) - The party is at your place, but no need to panic! These expert entertaining tips from the Chinet brand will help

A professional chef shares 7 kitchen essentials

(BPT) - From spices and oils to gadgets and gizmos, there are always new, trendy items to add to your kitchen. Trying to separate the

Fiber: 3 simple ways to get more of it in your diet

(BPT) -

Eat more fiber.

If your doctor didn't give you this advice at your last checkup, she probably should have: 97 percent of Americans don't

Throw a sizzling summer cocktail party

(BPT) - Raise your glasses high - cocktail parties are the toast of this summer's entertaining. Don't know where to start? Think barware, which is

5 signs you need a relationship upgrade – with your grill

(BPT) - Do you still feel the heat? Are you allowed the space you need? Are the best years yet to come? If you answered

Additives or gifts from nature?

(BPT) - Food labels are getting shorter. Why? Because the people have spoken: We want fewer, better ingredients in our foods. We asked, and the

Alternative white wine pairings for popular summer meals

(BPT) - Summer means long days, bountiful sunshine and fresh fare to tantalize the taste buds. Locally grown produce, grilled meats and seafood, and new

Cottage cheese reimagined [Video]

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Seasoning tips to help you savor a great grilling season

(BPT) - Flowers are blooming, days are getting longer and temperatures are warmer - you can probably recognize all the signs that grilling season has

6 ways to stay cool during summer entertaining

(BPT) - The thermometer is on the rise but hosts stay as cool as can be when entertaining friends and family. The secret? Planning ahead

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