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Home improvement insight: 5 tips to redesign with kids’ safety in mind

(BPT) - Smart homeowners take a strategic approach to home improvement projects such as redoing a playroom, living room or bedroom to keep kids' safety

Do vacations cause you stress? Try these tips

(BPT) - Vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing, but more than half of Americans say vacations cause them stress, and 46 percent say

10 tips to keep infants safe

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Don’t get hacked! Time to get serious about password safety

(BPT) - We all know hiding your house key under the doormat is a terrible idea, but we do it anyway because it's a convenient

Tips to make sure your fire extinguisher is at the ready

(BPT) - You check your alarms regularly and practice your family escape plan - but are you overlooking an essential component of home safety? Having

Paving the way to college: 4 things parents need to know

Arts and crafts go online

Organic is always non-GMO, but is non-GMO organic?

Nail your next game day spread with these tips

Don’t let the flu bug you this year

(BPT) - Flu season is upon us, and many healthcare facilities are urging you to start preparing now with vaccines. Ironically, one of the places

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