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5 eye health tips that are easy to visualize

(BPT) - Writer Leigh Hunt once said, 'The groundwork of all happiness is good health.' It's a mantra you heed because nothing is more important

An adventurous family vacation awaits at Florida’s Space Coast

(BPT) - When planning a Florida vacation for the entire family, two things typically first come to mind: winter getaway and busy theme park. Nothing

8 fast tips to fight fall allergies before they begin

(BPT) - You made it through a tough spring allergy season and are enjoying every moment of the summer. But just when you think your

4 laundry personalities: Where do you fit?

(BPT) - Chic, trendy, sporty, bohemian, sophisticated, fun, classic - you probably have a clear vision of your fashion and style personality. But do you

How much juice should kids drink? What you need to know about juice and serving size

Understanding the link between salt and health

(BPT) - The news lately is full of articles about salt and health. Everyone seems to be getting either too much salt or not enough.

From farm to family: 7 things to consider before living with livestock

(BPT) - Animals play a meaningful role in the lives of their owners. In fact, most people consider their furry friends part of the family.

Create a special day for Dad this Father’s Day with a delicious meal

(BPT) - By Yvette Marquez, Vive Mejor spokesperson

As my grandma would always say, 'Panza llena, corazón contento.' The best gift you can give Dad on

Breathe easier: 7 ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality

(BPT) - More than 6 million American children - nearly 9 percent of all kids in the U.S. - have asthma, Jun 15 2017 | Posted in FAMILY,Family Living,LATEST ARTICLES | Read More »

Solving the nation’s water problems before the tap runs dry

(BPT) - Cooking dinner, washing dishes, showering and flushing toilets - these are daily activities for most Americans. If you did any of these in

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