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Early intervention and advances in schizophrenia management may make a difference [Infographic]

(BPT) - Early intervention and advances in schizophrenia management may make a difference.

New flexible spending account options will help you stretch your money

(BPT) - As we head into the 2016 annual health care enrollment period, the benefits of different plan options may seem hard to decipher. Like

It’s more dangerous than a shark, but what other risks does your smartphone pose?

(BPT) - It's true: selfies killed more people than shark attacks in 2015.

While death by selfie may be considered a rare

Prescription opioid pain medication: five helpful steps for safe use of prescription opioids

(BPT) - If you take prescription opioid pain medication, you are one of the millions of Americans who rely on opioids to support their pain

5 tips to fall back into a healthy routine this season

(BPT) - The weather is cooler and your back-to-school routine is in place. For some, that means getting back on track with health and fitness

Going Beyond Pink During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

(BPT) - Mary Gooze remembers the day her metastatic breast cancer journey began. 'It was a day I'll never forget,' says Gooze, who was first

The Ugly Truth About Toenail Fungus

(BPT) - Do you shower at the gym after your morning workout and walk barefoot? Do you regularly get salon pedicures? Do you wear socks

5 ways to boost your health in five minutes or less

(BPT) - You know those days when your normal schedule gets thrown completely out the window? You're tired, overrun and can barely think about the

7 unlikely foods that sabotage fat loss

(BPT) - The basic idea behind fat loss is simple: eat better, exercise more. However, hidden in this formula are numerous caveats and footnotes. No

Maternity fashion 101: Take your style to the next level

(BPT) - Dressing while pregnant should be all about keeping your own personal style. In fact, your baby bump gives you even more of a

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