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3 activities to help you move safely after knee surgery

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Integrated care team gives hope back to dialysis patient

(BPT) - Six years ago, Francis Hogan was doing what he loved most: playing golf. After his usual game, his ankle was swollen and painful.

Are you safe from BPA? The answer may surprise you

(BPT) - Based on how much you've heard about bisphenol A (BPA) in recent news articles, it would be perfectly

Pets help seniors stay healthier and happier, wherever they live, studies show

(BPT) - French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Collette once said, 'Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.' Pets provide meaningful social support for owners, and

5 tips to solve separation anxiety in your pet

Fighting head lice can start with a conversation with your doctor

New ways to comparison shop for health care

(BPT) - As our nation seeks solutions to help improve the health care system, there is at least one goal we can all agree on:

More than fun: 5 tips for planning a healthy vacation

(BPT) - Taking a vacation is more than a fun getaway from the daily drudges of life. Turns out, travel has a multitude of benefits

Looking for balance? Fighting fatigue? Your diet might be a place to start

(BPT) - Adults today are constantly searching for balance in life. While balance can be broadly defined, in simple terms it is rooted in equal

One man’s struggle with PTSD, 40 years later

(BPT) - Bobby Barrera's career as a Marine ended abruptly at age 21. While in Vietnam, on his first mission, a land mine explosion took

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