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5 health myths you shouldn’t believe

(BPT) - Separating fact from fiction can be difficult, especially when it comes to information about your health. Cutting through the Internet clutter and opinions

9 questions every parent should ask their pediatrician about vaccination

(BPT) - Immunization is an important step that may help protect your child against serious infectious diseases. Whether this is your first child or your

5 things to know for IBS Awareness Month

(BPT) - If you experience recurring constipation along with belly pain, it could be a medical condition called irritable bowel syndrome with constipation (IBS-C). During

Permanent Birth Control is a Big Decision – Where Do You Begin?

(BPT) - You've thought about what's best for your family, weighed the pros and cons, discussed it with your partner and together you've made the

Get Inspired. Help fight heart attack and stroke for generations to come

(BPT) - There are 71 million Americans living with high levels of 'bad' cholesterol, also known as low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C), which can increase the

The workout that works for seniors of all ages and mobility levels: resistance training

(BPT) - Think you're too old and frail to work out? Think again! The health benefits of daily exercise are widely known, but seniors facing

One health, One medicine: 5 ways people and their pets can stay healthy together

(BPT) - Your household is busy, but keeping yourself, your children and your pets healthy is a top priority. Fortunately, wellness for people and pets

Look good or feel good? 5 home improvements that let you do both

(BPT) - Who remembers that old Saturday Night Live bit in which Billy Crystal, posing as Lorenzo Lamas, quips that 'It's better to look good

Understanding Multiple Myeloma

(BPT) - Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming. This may be true for people living with multiple myeloma, a rare and progressive blood cancer

Multiple Sclerosis: What You Need to Know

(BPT) - Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects more than 2.3 million people worldwide, with at least 400,000 living in the United States, yet there are still

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