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A four-point plan for joint health

(BPT) - Whether it's a brand-new Bentley or a classic 1970 Mustang, most people have a car they dream about. If they're lucky enough to

How to use color psychology when painting your home

(BPT) - Do you ever wonder why you feel immediately relaxed when you enter a spa, yet when you enter a gym, you feel alert

Expanding access to coordinated care for dialysis patients

(BPT) - More than 660,000 people in the U.S. suffer from kidney failure, also known as end-stage renal disease (ESRD). These patients often cope with

How technology is simplifying relief of chronic pain

(BPT) - Doctors hate seeing patients suffering from chronic pain, and not just because their instinct is immediately to want to help their patients to

Top tips for healthy hydration: You’re probably missing this key ingredient

(BPT) - This summer, most of the United States experienced a heat wave that kept many people indoors or in the shade. Very high temperatures,

Foot care tips to keep vacationers on the go

(BPT) - Clothing, passport, toiletries, accessories — when you travel you have a lot of important items to fit into your suitcase. But two of

Your child’s school is nut-fee. Now what?

(BPT) - The notice arrives: Your child's school does not allow any tree nuts on the premises. Or perhaps you've just learned this year's classroom

Seniors: 5 simple secrets for overcoming gym intimidation

(BPT) - No one really relishes the idea of growing older and experiencing the health issues that can accompany aging. If there was one thing

Steps to keep your feet looking and feeling their youngest

(BPT) - You exercise regularly, eat well, maintain an active lifestyle and take your medications as prescribed every day. You’re doing everything you can to

Summer Excitement

(BPT) - By Sarah H., Living With Psoriasis

For most people, summer means warm weather, blossoming trees, and vacation. But as a young college student living

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