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Under pressure: How to manage stress before it affects your health

(BPT) - Stress: it makes your heart race, your head pound and your stomach churn.

While a little stress can be a good thing and help

Are you at risk for type 2 diabetes?

(BPT) - Are you or a loved one at risk for type 2 diabetes? It can be difficult to know, but considering an astounding one

Hottest hair trend of 2015: Curls are in

(BPT) - Pack away that flat iron because curls are making a comeback. Trend watchers are praising curly hair as celebrities, politicians and even business

The invisible battle: managing your chronic pain

(BPT) - When struggling with chronic pain, many often feel their concerns fall on deaf ears. Without physical symptoms, friends, family and sometimes even physicians

Uncovering kidney cancer: An often silent disease

(BPT) - Imagine the devastation of learning you have cancer, and then imagine being told it has advanced and already spread to other areas of

Living with MS, finding inner strength

(BPT) - When Chrystal Graham of Alpharetta, Georgia was diagnosed with relapsing Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2009, she was 27-years-old and no stranger to coping

The cost of catching a cold or the flu [Infographic]

(BPT) - While we're all dreaming ahead to springtime, many of us are still dealing with a cold or the flu. Puffs and Vicks are

Discover unexpected ways to drink more water

(BPT) - A whopping 96 percent of Americans believe that they should be drinking more water, according to a International Bottled Water Association survey. Celebrity

How much salt do you need for a healthy diet?

(BPT) - Mothers everywhere understand that the food kids eat is more than just a collection of nutrients arranged on a plate. 'Eat a balanced

Small-batch cooking trend moves from human tables to pets’ plates

(BPT) - Food trends constantly evolve, reflecting society's growing awareness of how what we eat affects our health and the environment. More Americans are choosing

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