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Are you getting enough protein? The answer may surprise you [Infographic]

(BPT) - Are you getting enough protein? Most Americans are not and many do not even know how much protein is recommended for a healthy

6 tips for a safe outpatient surgery experience

(BPT) - Nearly two-thirds of surgeries today are performed at outpatient facilities, meaning you don't need to pack an overnight bag. But just as if

Done with diapers? How to talk to your doctor about permanent birth control

(BPT) - Conversations with your doctor about birth control can be uncomfortable and often don't take place because of short appointments, not knowing all the

5 tips to help improve your digestive health

(BPT) - Many people don't realize the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system until

Are you 50? Time to get tested and prevent colorectal cancer

(BPT) - When she was 55 years old, Valerie B. made a promise to a total stranger. It may have saved her life.

'I was sitting

Colon cancer survivor inspires a new song from country music singer Craig Campbell

(BPT) - Say it with a song. These words of wisdom have been passed down through the years, and singer Craig Campbell takes them to

What you need to know to control this silent killer

(BPT) - Most people assume they only need to take their medication when they are sick, meaning when they experience symptoms. But in the case

Look 10 years younger with expert anti-aging tips

(BPT) - Do you have friends or family members who seem to never age? No matter how old they get, their appearance is youthful and

Give your spring and summer looks something fresh

(BPT) - Warm weather has arrived, and with it comes the need for new spring and summer fashions. By now you've already gone through your

Golf legend Arnold Palmer and actor-writer-comedian Kevin Nealon find common ground in fight against blood clots

(BPT) - Arnold Palmer is one of the world's greatest professional golfers; Kevin Nealon is one of his generation's most beloved actors / comedians. Though

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