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See how a fitness expert stays fit and healthy with a daily dose of fun

(BPT) - Keoni Hudoba wasn't always the renowned New York City fitness trainer he is today. A native of Hawaii, he came to New York

Woman with hearing loss says hybrid hearing device is ‘miraculous’ and ‘life changing’

(BPT) - If you've been living with hearing loss for a long time, it can be hard to believe there is anything new out there

Tame that ringing in your ears and rock on, boomers

(BPT) - Bob Dylan. The Rolling Stones. Led Zeppelin. Music helped define an entire generation of baby boomers. It expressed their fresh world view and

Fresh fall hairstyles that take just minutes to create

(BPT) - Whether you're a student or a busy mom, the morning routine goes into high gear once school starts again. Fitting in all the

Critical program helps veterans find health care and other benefits

(BPT) - It could be a parent, a son or daughter, a co-worker, or a best friend. With more than 21 million American men and

Communicate confidence in sleeveless style this summer

(BPT) - Women today know that the clothes they wear make a statement about who they are to the world around them. Sleeveless fashion can

Tips to make your fitness routine more sustainable

(BPT) - Working out, getting in shape, starting a fitness routine - these are all practices that are good for the body. When mind and

Does your bladder control your life? What you should know about your options

(BPT) - Do you feel like you spend your life in the bathroom? Do your night-time potty runs keep you from getting a good

Summer-ready: Feeling good about your GI symptoms

(BPT) - With summer in full swing, people across the country are hitting the beaches, pools and barbeques, sipping lemonade and sporting shorts. However, for

Bridging the disability insurance gap

(BPT) - For most people, the prospect of losing income due to injury or disability is a frightening one, but in reality, few believe it

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