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Looking for a Medicare Part D plan? Consider these 3 things

(BPT) - Many people are surprised to find out that Original Medicare doesn’t cover prescription drugs. For help with the cost of your medications, you

Make the most of your brain as you age

(BPT) - It is important to remember the health of our most complex organ: our brain. While the brain constantly changes throughout our lives, it’s

Debunking the ‘seasonal’ allergy myth and reducing exposure year-round

(BPT) - Seasonal allergens are a popular scapegoat for a multitude of reactions: sniffling, sneezing and itchy eyes. During the summer months, pollen - one

Feeling fatigued? 3 ways women can boost iron intake

(BPT) -

If you’re a woman who feels like you're constantly fighting fatigue, there could be a physical reason for that sluggishness.

In the US,

STIs and Relationships: What a Diagnosis Really Means

(BPT) - Please see IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION ABOUT VEREGEN® (sinecatechins) Ointment, 15% below.

Embarrassment. Panic. Regret. These are just some of the reactions the

Picking a health insurance plan? Prepare for the unexpected

(BPT) - As many Americans know, fall is the season when we must select our health benefits for the upcoming year. Choosing a health plan

Every single person needs this essential nutrient. Are you getting enough?

Stopping at Nothing: A 69-Year-Old BMX Racer Overcomes Her Joint Pain

Running with Purpose: Athlete Hits Her Stride, Despite a Surprising Asthma Diagnosis

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