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5 tips for harnessing your November facial hair

(BPT) - November is widely recognized as the month when men join in facial-haired camaraderie - all in an effort to raise awareness and funds

Want to lose weight? Research proves a big breakfast is the first step

(BPT) - If you want to lose weight, you're not alone. More than half of Americans desire to shed pounds, according to Fitness & Beauty,HEALTH,LATEST ARTICLES | Read More »

Top 5 ways to battle belly bloat

(BPT) - Warmer weather brings sunny days, fresh breezes and plenty of flora and fauna to explore. But there's another aspect to warm weather that

60-plus? Smart fashion tips to keep you looking stylish and fabulous

(BPT) - Muumuus and mom jeans or spangled capris and Aloha shirts - is this really all the fashion world has to offer women over

Top 10 cities most welcoming of whiskers

(BPT) - If you're a guy with scruff, you may be interested to know some cities are more welcoming of your whiskers than others. The

5 tips to turn your home into a retreat

(BPT) - There's a reason why they say your home is your castle. This is a place of rest and refuge.

The next time you find

Reinvent your morning routine [Video]

Make a striking focal point the foundation of your spa-like bathroom

(BPT) - American homeowners’ desire for spa-like bathrooms shows no signs of waning, says the latest Design Trends report by the National Kitchen

Simple tips for recreating red carpet looks at home

7 tips to conquer your packing challenges while traveling

(BPT) - Whether it's business travel, family road tripping or a romantic getaway, exploring new places is exciting. You may be counting down the days

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