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Managing the Unpredictability of Multiple Sclerosis in the Heat

Are you at risk for kidney disease?

(BPT) - Edward Beans could be described as a man with great purpose who makes the most out of all life has to offer. He

3 sneaky tricks of heart disease

(BPT) - As Americans, our health is far from perfect, but over the decades, we've seen great improvements to medical care and lived longer lives.

5 smart steps to preserving brain health

(BPT) - Everyone knows aerobic exercise gets the heart pumping and lifting weights keeps muscles strong. But when it comes to keeping the brain healthy,

Thankful for every moment while living with lung cancer

(BPT) - As a busy mother of two sons, Ivy Elkins shrugged off her sore neck and elbow pain for months. She thought it was

Ever wonder who participates in medical studies? People like you

(BPT) - Giving blood and participating in fundraiser walks are popular ways to help those in need, but there's another way to directly support America's

Want a memory boost? Try a hearing test

(BPT) - Intrigued by all the brain-training products out there to keep your mind sharp and spirits young? You may want to consider something else:

Five-Time Olympic Swimmer and Author Dara Torres Shares Personal Story With Psoriasis

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Silent stroke is not so silent

(BPT) - Silent strokes, ones that happen in your brain without you even knowing, can lead to full-blown strokes as well as cognitive impairment and

A four-point plan for joint health

(BPT) - Whether it's a brand-new Bentley or a classic 1970 Mustang, most people have a car they dream about. If they're lucky enough to

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