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What to look for when buying a garage door for your home

(BPT) - The most important factor that garage door buyers consider is not the price!

That was the surprising result of a 2016 national survey

Upgrade your backyard with a DIY outdoor fireplace

(BPT) - Upgrading an outdoor living area with a fireplace continues to grow in popularity at homes across the country according to the American Society

Three DIY ways to improve your home WiFi

(BPT) - You don’t need an expert to tell you: America is hooked on the internet. Just try to think of the last day you

10 packing hacks to streamline your move

(BPT) - Moving brings a mix of emotions. Excitement about living in a new home is paired with angst and anxiety about the actual moving

3 simple DIY updates to make your home safer and more energy efficient

(BPT) - At the height of summer when busy schedules are at their peak, it’s difficult to find time to cross home improvement projects off

You’re Free! Five Great Ideas for Repurposing Kids’ Bedrooms

(BPT) - Now that your kids have launched lives of their own, you may be considering how to maximize the extra space they left behind. Aug 17 2016 | Posted in HOME,Home Decorating,LATEST ARTICLES | Read More »

Simple ways to add curb appeal and character to your home

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5 ways to turn your deck from drab to fab

(BPT) - Is your deck living up to its full potential? After a few years of wind, rain and general use, a deck might begin

Top 5 secrets from professionals on home renovation

(BPT) - When asked what kind of upgrades homeowners would like to make in their home, most have a similar wish list that includes features

Practical remodeling tips for modern multi-generational families

(BPT) - Parents, grandparents and children all living happily together under one roof — it’s an iconic American image you may associate with “the good

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