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Cold weather and critters are coming! Sensible steps to keep unwanted animals out of your environment

(BPT) - Depending on where you live and what weather forecasting service you listen to, the upcoming winter may be brutal. Weather predictions can be

Got chickens? Tips for keeping your flock healthy and laying through winter

(BPT) - When winter approaches, you probably take steps to prepare your home - insulating water pipes, sealing windows and doors, or covering and storing

Simplify your fall beauty routine with 5 minute hair and makeup styles

(BPT) - With the sun set on summer, the transition into fall is all about turning over a new leaf and getting back-to-routine. As the

Create inspiring home décor with a DIY concrete coffee table

(BPT) - Concrete is a beautiful, durable and dynamic alternative to granite, marble, steel, glass, wood, tile and other popular materials used in contemporary home

Tips and tricks for solving 6 common kitchen design dilemmas

(BPT) - Kitchen design is an art form, one where function and beauty harmoniously co-exist. Achieving that balance, however, isn’t always easy. When renovating a

5 cleaning hacks to make your life easier

(BPT) - Keeping a clean and organized home is something we all strive to do, but it is easy to neglect day-to-day housework and let

Renting your home to vacationers? 5 tricks to help you prepare

(BPT) - Wouldn't it be awesome if your home could make money for you, instead of costing you to pay the mortgage, utilities and upkeep?

Design tips for a chef-centered kitchen

(BPT) - Many homeowners with a passion for cooking desire a kitchen that mirrors those of renowned chefs. To achieve this, various design elements and

Data shows home fires burn hotter, faster than ever: How you can reduce risks

(BPT) - While the number of home fires occurring in the U.S. each year has fallen by more than 50 percent since 1977, the ratio

Find fabulous fall foliage in a whole new way this year

(BPT) - For families that like to travel and experience the beauty of nature, this is the perfect time of year. Cooler temperatures and vivid

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