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Engage a financial professional to boost your bottom line

(BPT) - Women today are enjoying a hard-won sense of independence. While there are many aspects of a woman's life that can be successfully navigated

Will the Affordable Care Act impact your taxes? Myths debunked

(BPT) - There are a lot of changes to this year's tax code - 46 to be exact - as a result of the Affordable

Learn about this home improvement that can save you money

(BPT) - For many homeowners the biggest utility bill is electricity. Heating and cooling the home makes up nearly half of electricity costs, but the

Timeless or trendy? This year, achieve both in your home decor

(BPT) - Are you looking for ways to update your home this new year? With so many fresh interior ideas available, it can be difficult

Bathroom luxuries: 6 delights to take your bath from lax to luxe

(BPT) - The bathroom doesn't have to be basic. Thanks to a wide array of new products on the market - and plenty of ways

The 6 smartest money moves Millennials can make in 2015

(BPT) - Money worries know no age limit, and financial health is important for everyone - which could explain why financial pledges are among the

Tackle tough DIY tasks like a pro

(BPT) - Have you been putting off some seemingly hard-to-handle home improvement projects? If so, there's still time to tackle do-it-yourself tasks like a pro

Freshen up your home with 5 colors for the new year

(BPT) - While you're making resolutions and setting goals for the new year, consider adding updating the look of your home to your list. If

Holiday home safety checklist

(BPT) - The holidays are a wonderful time of the year when everyone spends a little less time focusing on their day-to-day lives and a

5 essential winter home safety checks

(BPT) - Home fires, carbon monoxide poisonings and home break-ins tend to increase during the winter months. If you're aware of the increase in dangers

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