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The rise of the basement: Top tips for a better space

(BPT) - With fewer homes for sale and good returns on the remodeling investment, more homeowners are reclaiming their lower levels and remodeling their basements.


Feed backyard birds this season for the greater, global good

(BPT) - When you fill your bird feeders and put fresh water in the birdbath this season, you’ll definitely be giving your feathered friends a

4 important tips for planning a kitchen remodel

(BPT) - Kitchen upgrades can seem daunting. From full renovations to hardware updates, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating your dream kitchen.

5 residential design trends in hardwood

(BPT) - Hardwood may be one of the oldest building materials known to man, yet architects, designers and homeowners are always finding fresh ways to

5 secrets to building the best media room

(BPT) - There was a time when only a few could afford a large screen television. The resolution was clunky, the sound poor and the

3 surprising home elements you can automate

(BPT) - Just a decade or two ago, home automation was still something of a novelty. Some homeowners might have had programmable thermostats in their

5 signs your leaky pipes may be a dripping time bomb

(BPT) -

Winter isn't just the holiday season; it's also burst-pipe season. If your pipes are older or you've already had a few leaks to

Brighten your yard this winter with the help of wild birds

(BPT) - Bright colors aren’t often associated with winter — but they can be. In fact, a backyard full of beautiful colors and cheerful chirps

4 DIY projects for your first home

(BPT) - “Where should I start?” It's a question many homeowners ask themselves.

DIY is a great place to start for new homeowners. DIY projects are

Tips for creating a virtually self-cleaning bathroom

(BPT) - Americans may be spending less time on housework, but that’s probably not much consolation when you’re scrubbing the toilet for the third time

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