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Ceiling improvements can get things looking up in your kitchen

(BPT) - When you're planning a full kitchen renovation, or even just a few choice upgrades, counter tops, cabinets, appliances and flooring command your attention.

Tips for selecting the right decking material for your outdoor living space

(BPT) - When you're designing and building a dream outdoor living space, you have more options than ever. But how do you know which material

Concrete basin doubles as a planter and cooler

(BPT) - Homeowners enjoy their backyards in different ways and two of the most popular are gardening and entertaining. Homeowners who love gardening often use

The 5 most important things you never knew about your shower

(BPT) - You use it to get clean, refresh, relax or get invigorated, but how much do you really know about your shower? Did you

4 steps toward greener living

(BPT) - Living a greener lifestyle isn't just about conserving natural resources, it's also about saving money. Whether you're renovating your existing home, or building

7 tips for summer DIY projects

(BPT) - (This post is brought to you by the makers of Advil.) The lazy days of summer aren't always lazy for DIY aficionados. The

Dress up your floors with top tile trends

(BPT) - If you are renovating any area of your home, it may be time to try something new-such as bringing tile into main living

4 ways to add ‘wow’ to your outdoor living space

(BPT) - Turning your backyard into an outdoor living oasis can be a tough project to start. Between product choices and design ideas, planning your

Carve out more living space with a one-room renovation

(BPT) - A growing family, overnight guests, work-at-home demands and lifestyle changes can make for cramped quarters in any home. If you're not ready to

Power tools to the people: Getting your outdoor equipment ready for summer

(BPT) - Some people eagerly anticipate summer barbecues, beach vacations and blue skies, but for avid do-it-yourselfers, the best thing about summer is the opportunity

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