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Bathroom renovations even the pickiest in-laws will love

3 ways to turn discarded wood into beautiful home decor

(BPT) - The saying, “what’s old is new again” has been around for years, but most recently represents a popular trend in interior design —

4 tips to help keep your home warm, comfortable and energy efficient this winter

(BPT) - With winter comes the holiday season, a time that’s supposed to be associated with “comfort and joy.” But how joyful will it be

One-weekend DIY projects to get your house relative-ready for the holidays

(BPT) - When the holidays arrive, you can prepare a scrumptious feast, present ideal gifts that are perfectly wrapped and decorate the house like something

5 home-building secrets you should know

(BPT) - Thousands of Americans who are in the process of building their own home, or simply looking into it, are faced with hundreds of

5 tips to prepare the bath for winter

(BPT) - As chilly weather approaches, it's time for homeowners to consider ways to winterize their living spaces. New seasons serve as a great opportunity

5 budgeting tips to host a spirited, not spendy holiday party

(BPT) - If you find the guests attending your upcoming holiday party delightful, but the bills associated with hosting frightful, here are five tips to

3 tips to prevent common holiday injuries

(BPT) - What does your holiday wishlist include this year? Spending time with friends and family? The latest tech or that best-selling book you've been

Tackle those air leaks now before heavy snow and cold temperatures hit

(BPT) - Home renovation experts suggest now is the ideal time for homeowners to prepare their home for winter and think about home improvement plans

Create grand, open living spaces with unique pocket door frames

(BPT) - Offering twice the opening width of their standard pocket door frame, Johnson Hardware’s new 1562 Series Commercial Grade Bypass Pocket Door Frame lets

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