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6 curb appeal boosters that increase your home’s resale value

(BPT) - Whether you just bought a new home or have lived in yours for years, home improvement seems to come with the territory. It's

Six style tips to prepare your home for the holiday season

(BPT) - Bored with the whirlwind of red and green decor that inundates every home during the holiday season? This year, more homeowners are thinking

Avoid expensive energy bills with this hot new housing trend

(BPT) - Imagine being able to heat your home with no more energy than used by a hair dryer turned on low, or even going

5 tips to keep your home safe while you’re away

(BPT) - In the movies, burglars are smart and prepared, but in real life, most break-ins are committed by thieves looking for a 'quick win'

Heat your home without wasting energy this season

(BPT) - If you're interested in living a greener lifestyle, perhaps you're already trying to reduce your energy usage as much as possible. Maybe you

Tips to make your next DIY home improvement as green as possible

(BPT) - If you're thinking about making your next DIY home improvement project 'green,' but aren't sure how to achieve a balance of eco-friendly and

Easy grout makeover brings new life to tile

(BPT) - One of the most economical improvements a homeowner can make to a kitchen or bath is refreshing the grout instead of replacing the

Splurge or steal? 3 DIY home projects that give a high-end, modern look without breaking the bank

(BPT) - Doing your own home improvement projects is a great way to save money and still get the new look you desire. When you're

5 steps to cleaning out your garage

(BPT) - From tools and stools to trunks and junk, it seems the garage is home to just about everything these days - except the

4 winter-blues-busting home improvement projects

(BPT) - Three percent of the U.S. population suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) every winter, according to Psychology Today. But you don't have to

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