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The Affordable Care Act and taxes: What you need to know

(BPT) - While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is no longer new, each year brings changes to the health care law. As you undoubtedly know,

Don’t waste the refund: Invest in your house for long-term ROI

(BPT) - Tax season means refunds for millions of Americans. Will you blow yours on a new TV, tech toy or weekend getaway? This year,

Give homes custom curb appeal with exterior moulding and trim

(BPT) - When it comes to home exteriors, the beauty is in the details. Custom homes have rich, unique exterior elements, including decorative moulding and

Understanding the millennial home

(BPT) - For years, consumer buying power and purchasing trends have focused around baby boomers. However, within the past several years, the spotlight has shifted

The answer to overcoming color cowardice in home decorating: more natural light

(BPT) - Have you ever picked a paint color you loved in the store, only to hate it when it's on the walls at home?

Tips for going green, saving green, with greywater recycling

(BPT) - Water conservation isn't just for Californians and others who live in dry climates. Although the Golden State's water woes grabbed headlines last summer,

Windows and skylights 101: What to know when adding windows, roof windows or skylights to your home

(BPT) - Is your home chilly and dark in winter, or stuffy and dark in the summer? If your home has too small or too

8 homeowner dilemmas solved with 1 simple fix

(BPT) - Unless you are the latest lottery winner or Queen of England (thank you for reading your Majesty), you try to make your home

3 tips for breaking the DIY barrier

(BPT) - Whether inspired by countless cable shows or the desire to have the perfect kitchen, more Americans are doing their own home improvement projects.

5 smart upgrades for the most-used rooms in your home

(BPT) - Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are typically the rooms in any home that get the most use, which could also be why homeowners, when

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