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10 easy DIY home improvement projects for beginners

(BPT) - You don't have to be a pro to tackle many home improvement projects. With a little elbow grease and a few smart tools,

Increase comfort and lower energy bills for the warmer months

The 411 on HVAC energy-efficiency ratings and terms

(BPT) - Whether you're looking to lower heating and cooling costs, or have a passion for protecting the environment, maximizing the energy efficiency of your

4 reasons why black shingles are resurging in popularity

(BPT) - Grays, browns, taupes - after decades of neutral-colored shingles dominating entire neighborhoods, homeowners are turning to the dark side. Home improvement experts agree

3 ways to quickly and economically save big bucks on home cooling costs

(BPT) - What would you rather do: Pay your utility bill or take a much-deserved vacation? With an endless stream of bills each month, you

3 easy ways to combat water damage in your walls and ceilings

(BPT) - Ask any homeowner what they dread the most when it comes to home ownership, and it's likely to involve some type of undetected

Simple upgrades and habit changes can yield big water savings in bathrooms

(BPT) - Researchers predict that rising water prices could mean within five years a third of American households will not be able

Install handrails for a safer home

(BPT) - The National Safety Council considers unintentional falls one of the leading causes of household accidents in the U.S. This trend is especially true

Simple steps to create the perfect outdoor oasis

(BPT) - Summer is home to many of the year's most beautiful days, so who can blame you for wanting to spend them all outside?

Home innovations that protect against moisture

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