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Home smart home: Boost your home IQ with smart appliances

(BPT) - If you think a Jetsons-like home of the future is still a ways off, think again. Today's smart home is here offering simple

5 myths about solar panels, debunked

(BPT) - Home solar panels can drastically cut or even eliminate electricity bills, reduce a home's carbon footprint, increase resale value, and may even help

5 strategies to embrace a green lifestyle

Garage doors: More visual impact than your front door

Installing large format tile for beautiful, durable floors

(BPT) - Floors set with large format porcelain and natural stone tile continue to be the rage among homeowners and interior designers. Large format tiles,

7 projects to help your home weather the winter safely and efficiently

(BPT) - If chilly temperatures make you want to snuggle under a blanket in front of a roaring fire, just think about your poor water

Two roof areas you can’t afford to overlook this season

(BPT) - As summer gives way to changing colors and colder nights, now is an ideal time to tackle the necessary home maintenance projects that

How can insulation contribute to home repair following a hurricane?

(BPT) - As we are all too aware, hurricane season is in full swing, and thousands of homeowners across the southern U.S. and Puerto Rico

Which type of insulation is right for your home?

(BPT) - With the imminent approach of dropping temperatures, many people reach for their sweaters as they run out the door. In a bittersweet farewell

DIY home security systems: The smart, affordable way to secure your home

(BPT) - With the holiday season approaching, you may be thinking about giving your family the gift of home security - especially if you know

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