Harnessing nitric oxide in a new way to combat superbugs

(BPT) - They are called superbugs. As their name implies, they are difficult to treat - and deadly. Earlier this year, in fact, a Nevada

Traveling with confidence while on dialysis

(BPT) - If you'd like to join your grandkids as they experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, hope to make this year's family reunion or need to

5 eye health tips that are easy to visualize

(BPT) - Writer Leigh Hunt once said, 'The groundwork of all happiness is good health.' It's a mantra you heed because nothing is more important

10 easy DIY home improvement projects for beginners

(BPT) - You don't have to be a pro to tackle many home improvement projects. With a little elbow grease and a few smart tools,

Cypress siding: It’s what the pros choose

(BPT) - If current design trends are any indication, wood siding is back. Design professionals are recommending one species in particular: cypress. What's behind this

An adventurous family vacation awaits at Florida’s Space Coast

(BPT) - When planning a Florida vacation for the entire family, two things typically first come to mind: winter getaway and busy theme park. Nothing

Natural selection: Live-edge wood in home design

(BPT) - Live-edge hardwood, in which the sides of the slab are left unmilled to retain the natural profile of the tree trunk, is an

8 fast tips to fight fall allergies before they begin

(BPT) - You made it through a tough spring allergy season and are enjoying every moment of the summer. But just when you think your

5 ways businesses are turning old problems into new opportunities

(BPT) - Today's business environment is characterized by excitement as much as it is by anxiety. As new technologies are constantly introduced into the workplace

5 big changes for today’s small businesses

(BPT) - A generation ago, the notion of a small business owner meant something very different. You pictured a person who owned their own storefront,

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