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Obama makes a plea to Virginians and signals a way forward for Democrats

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Kelly defends Trump on casualties, attacks 'selfish' congresswoman

White House chief of staff John Kelly on Thursday delivered an impassioned defense of President Trump’s outreach to families of four Americans recently killed in

Trump grades his own Puerto Rico response a perfect '10'

President Trump gives himself high marks for his response to hurricane damage in Puerto Rico.

Trump demands to know: Who paid for the 'Trump dossier'?

President Trump is wondering who paid for the controversial dossier that made salacious but unverified claims about his ties to Russia a day after executives

In emotional interview, Gold Star parents say of Trump: 'It's not about a call or a letter'

The parents of a United States Army specialist killed in Syria in May said Thursday they hadn’t received any acknowledgment from President Trump, despite his

George W. Bush: 'Bigotry seems emboldened' in Trump era

“We’ve seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty,” former President George W. Bush said in a rare public speech. “We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism.”

Expert warns Trump about tweeting on Asia trip

China expert Dennis Wilder, President George W. Bush’s senior director for East Asian Affairs, sets the stage for President Trump’s Asia trip.

GOP senators back Obamacare stabilization as Trump sends mixed messages

Twelve Republican senators signed onto a bill that would stabilize the Obamacare individual markets despite mixed messages from President Donald Trump about whether he was

Silent Republicans have their reasons. They don't have an excuse.

President Trump doesn’t care what happens to the GOP after he’s gone. So why aren’t more Republicans separating themselves from him?

Trump says he has 'proof' on his call to soldier's wife, and the nation waits

If the president's proof is anything like the evidence he’s promised to offer for some of his other controversial assertions, the nation will believe it

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