Golf legend Arnold Palmer and actor-writer-comedian Kevin Nealon find common ground in fight against blood clots »

(BPT) - Arnold Palmer is one of the world's greatest professional golfers; Kevin Nealon is one of his generation's most beloved actors / comedians. Though seemingly worlds apart, they've experienced conditions that raise their chances for developing blood clots and/or stroke. The unlikely duo has…

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What’s up in roofs? Metal growing in popularity »

(BPT) - It's hard to believe, but the 2013-14 polar vortex wasn't all bad. Sure, it brought North America record cold and snow, in one of the worst winters ever. But the weather phenomenon's silver lining was in persuading many homeowners it was time to…

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Raise your rooms to new heights with eye-catching ceilings »

(BPT) - Want to infuse your home with architectural interest? Start at the top.

'The ceiling is the most overlooked design element in a space, hands down,' said Brian Patrick Flynn, whose interiors are regularly featured on and often showcased by his own company, Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Show support for the 30 million who fight rare diseases [Infographic] »

(BPT) - There are 30 million Americans living with a rare disease - defined as a condition that affects fewer than 200,000 people - half of whom are children. Many rare diseases are chronic and can be life-threatening. Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy is dedicated to helping…

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10 tips for kids’ good dental health »

(BPT) - Getting children to brush their teeth can be challenging. No parent wants to struggle with a child every morning and night to ensure he or she develops good dental habits and a healthy smile. As a father of two young children, NASCAR Cup…

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Got an hour? Quick hits for updated kitchens and baths »

(BPT) - Busy has become a way of life. Between work, household chores, time with family and friends, people often don't have time to complete that entire wish list of home updates. Luckily, there are several simple kitchen and bath projects that you can…

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Operation safety: Tips to make every bath a safe bath »

(BPT) - Does your bathroom need a makeover? Go beyond functional and stylish updates and consider upgrades that add an element of safety, too. A few affordable, small updates can dramatically affect your bathroom's level of safety while still providing a look you'll love.

Leave a…

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Spring vacation on a budget? Here’s how you do it »

(BPT) - Spring break is coming and after all the frost, wind and chill of the winter, you've earned some time to relax. So why not treat yourself to a little vacation? If you don't have a lot of extra money to spend and you're…

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Creative college savings: Unique scholarships to help offset rising costs »

(BPT) - Does the cost of higher education scare you? If so, you're not alone. College tuition prices have skyrocketed. Over the past 30 years average tuition and fees at public four-year institutions rose by 225 percent, according to The College Board. Factor…

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7 simple tips to help babies adjust to daylight saving time »

(BPT) - Adults are not typically affected by daylight saving time, but the change can turn an infant's world upside-down. Many parents worry that springing ahead just one hour will cause chaos to their little one's sleep routine.

A whopping 77 percent of parents with kids…

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Community Gets Vocal to Make Rare Diseases Even Rarer »

(BPT) - Did you know that 1 in 10 people in the US have a rare disease1? That means you or a loved one probably know someone who is affected by a rare disease, but do you know what it's like to live with one…

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What couples starting a family should know about prenatal testing »

(BPT) - So you've decided to take the leap into parenthood. To give yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, there are some important options to consider before you head down the road to conception and once you learn you…

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Have it made in the shade in your backyard this summer »

(BPT) - In the midst of the winter we love to think of the summer as this idyllic time when we live barefoot under the sky and everything is perfect and beautiful. Then when the summertime comes, we find ourselves complaining about too much sun,…

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Vicki Lawrence shares personal health challenge for first time »

(BPT) - Emmy award-winning actress Vicki Lawrence is sharing her experience with chronic idiopathic urticaria (CIU) in a new campaign called CIU & You. In the US, it is estimated that approximately 1.5 million people suffer from CIU, a disease that is characterized by mild…

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4 designer touches every well-dressed deck will wear this season »

(BPT) - When spring arrives will your deck be ready for 'primetime?' Or will it still be wearing the shabby remnants of last season's look? Clunky, view-blocking railings, a rectangular layout and dark stain are so last decade. Before warm weather gets here, consider upgrading…

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8 questions to ask when hiring a family portrait photographer »

(BPT) - What are the most important moments of your life? For most, it's rarely a big promotion or a sports championship season. Instead, it's quality family time that is most often cherished.

Nothing captures these moments better than family photos. If you're looking for a…

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Hooked on books: Why reading to your baby is a must »

(BPT) - Four-month old Lily Campos sits on her father's lap, one chubby hand in her mouth, the other patting the farm animals in the book in front of her. As the pages turn, she reaches for the pictures, squealing and gurgling with excitement as…

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Healthy starts: The surprisingly simple way to make your own baby and toddler food »

(BPT) - Want to give your family a jump-start on good nutrition? By introducing your children to a nourishing, whole-food diet at a very young age, you can teach them to prefer the taste of real foods over more processed ones. This lays the foundation…

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5 ways to redefine your outdoor space »

(BPT) - Winter's coldest days make you appreciate spring and summer, as well as the warm afternoons spent outdoors enjoying these seasons. And when the time comes, there's no better place to relax than in your own backyard. If your space isn't all it could…

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People with Diabetes Now Have a Choice »

(BPT) - The Animas® Vibe™ Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM System. Now FDA Approved in the United Statesi

The American Diabetes Association estimates that 29.1 million Americans - or 9.3 percent of the population - live with diabetes. As a complex, chronic disease, diabetes…

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Taking care of business: 5 tips to protect home-based entrepreneurs »

(BPT) - With 28 million small businesses employing half of the country's population, small businesses form the backbone of our nation's economy. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that since 1995, small businesses have been responsible for more than 65 percent of all new American jobs.


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Smart buying decisions: How hearing aids give you a great return on your investment »

(BPT) - If you're one of the nearly 40 million Americans who suffer with hearing loss, maybe it's time to consider investing in your hearing health.

Research shows that the rewards can be substantial. In fact, identifying and addressing hearing loss has been shown to positively…

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5 simple parenting tips guaranteed to transform your picky eater »

(BPT) - Few things cause more parental frustration than trying to get a picky eater to enjoy a well-rounded diet. Whether your child has been picky all his life, or, out of nowhere is now turning up his nose at healthy foods he previously adored,…

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Why experts recommend skin-to-skin contact for infants »

(BPT) - If your family is expecting a child in the near future, there is a good chance you've been actively reading about all the latest in care techniques and methods for raising your child in the safest and most loving environment possible.

Mothers and fathers…

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Breathe deeply and safely: 5 ways to protect yourself from CO poisoning »

(BPT) - Most homeowners recognize the importance of protecting their homes from fire. They do this by checking the batteries in their smoke alarms, completely extinguishing fires in their fireplaces and keeping flammable materials away from candles or space heaters. However, while fire safety is…

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Need a fresh look for your company? Try a new logo »

(BPT) - Just like a haircut, your company can use a fresh new look every once in a while. Maybe you've changed your services a bit, or perhaps the company is under new leadership. If your office lease is up and you have to move…

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How to maximize your tax refund and cut monthly expenses »

(BPT) - Tax season is in full swing and everyone is hoping for a refund from Uncle Sam. What will you do with yours? Whether it's several hundred or several thousand, if you use your refund smartly, it can provide the jumpstart to boosting your…

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Every day heart health in February and beyond »

(BPT) - It's February again, and that means it's American Heart Month. With all of the health information out there, it can be hard to figure out how to work heart healthy choices into your daily routine. Robyn Flipse, MS, MA, RDN says that by…

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5 ways boxing is revolutionizing the fan experience »

(BPT) - Sports fans today crave exciting and engaging viewing experiences. They want the latest in technology, outstanding production quality and most importantly, they want to see the event on their terms. The rise of on-demand entertainment and accessible sports video content has driven the…

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Unlock the secrets to creativity »

(BPT) - Expressing creativity is an important element in helping a person grow and everyone taps into their creativity in unique ways. It is not simply about having wacky ideas or a defined artistic talent. There are equally creative scientists, mathematicians and engineers as…

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Spring cleaning hacks to help de-clutter your life »

(BPT) - Spring always inspires a fresh start, but in today's busy, connected lives it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to re-organize and recharge. These spring cleaning hacks will help you de-clutter and greet spring refreshed and ready to go:

1. Follow the…

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Decorating a home office? 3 productivity-enhancing principles »

(BPT) - It's a common piece of advice from effective home-based workers: start each day as if you were going to work in an office outside your home (translation - take a shower and don't work in your jammies). The philosophy behind this tidbit is…

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Busted: The truth about top cellphone myths costing you real money »

(BPT) - Most people today have a cellphone that rarely leaves their side. In fact, cellphone usage is at an all-time high, with 91 percent of adults owning one, reports the Pew Research Center. While the technology has drastically improved many aspects of…

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Design a stunning backsplash without the whiplash »

(BPT) - The kitchen is the heart of the home and a top-selling feature with homebuyers. Does yours convey style and functionality? Whether you've just completed a remodel or you're looking for ways to upgrade your existing kitchen, a tile backsplash will instantly transform the…

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The disappearing act: How to go from being credit invisible to credit visible »

(BPT) - Are you credit invisible?

You may have never heard this term before, but if you are credit invisible, then you've certainly felt its affects.

Those who are credit invisible lack a credit score due to non-existent, limited or dated credit histories. More than 30 million…

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Tips for buying your first ATV »

(BPT) - First-time buyers account for more than a quarter of all-terrain vehicle sales each year. As with any major purchase, a little education can go a long way toward helping you get the best possible deal for your money.


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Mental Health Check-Up: Partner with Your Healthcare Provider »

(BPT) - In the U.S., about 14 million people suffer from Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or clinical depression in a given year. Most people think MDD is just being sad. The truth is that depression is more than saddened mood; it is a constellation of…

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America’s secret 2015 foodie destinations »

(BPT) - With their incredible restaurants seemingly appearing overnight, cities such as Brooklyn and Portland have long since been discovered as foodie destinations. If you want coal-fired pizza ovens, craft beer or artisan doughnuts, you only have to stroll down the street a few blocks.…

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7 mind-blowing ways smart hearing aids can change your life »

(BPT) - Smart devices are everywhere today. From phones and watches to appliances and even toothbrushes, smart devices are easy and intuitive to use, anticipate your needs and desires, are interactive, and seamlessly connect with your other high-tech devices.

Even hearing aids are getting a high-tech…

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5 tips to slash prescription drug costs »

(BPT) - Today's rising health care costs can feel out of control. Fortunately, prescription drugs are an exception. Consider these five simple ways to save money on your prescriptions so you can stay healthy and maintain your budget.

1. Ask about generic or lower-cost equivalents.

Your health…

Feb 16 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Lawyer argues for dismissal of charge in Slender Man case »

WAUKESHA, Wis. (AP) — An attorney for one of two Wisconsin girls accused of repeatedly stabbing a classmate and leaving her for dead has argued…

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California farmers may face another year without U.S. water supplies »

Many farms in drought-stricken California face the prospect of a second year without water supplies from the Central Valley Project, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation…

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Environmental group sues U.S. EPA over monarch butterfly demise »

An environmental group sued the U.S. government on Friday, accusing regulators of discounting the dangers of a widely used herbicide on the declining monarch butterfly…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Man charged in 125 mph fatal Ohio crash competent for trial »

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A man accused of driving more than 125 mph and causing a crash that killed two people on the Ohio Turnpike…

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Black Madam: Amber Rose hired me for buttocks injections »

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Gothic hip-hop artist charged with killing a London break dancer with an illegal buttocks injection name-dropped her way through testimony Friday,…

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New York banana magnate faces prison after beating, fatal sex romp »

By Sebastien Malo NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former Long Island banana importer was sent to prison on Friday for as long as four years…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Water gushes after pipe bursts on Germantown street »

Dozens of homes are being affected by a water main break in Philadelphia's Germantown section.…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

County supervisor who killed self was target in prison case »

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Mississippi's state auditor says an indicted county official who committed suicide had been targeted in a prison corruption case, and he…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

California farmers to go another year without federal water »

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A federal agency said Friday it will not release water for most Central Valley farms this year, forcing farmers to continue…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Testimony: Several Hernandez texts are missing from phone »

FALL RIVER, Mass. (AP) — Texts and phone records shown to jurors Friday in the murder trial of former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Birthday girl boldly asks guest to bring a second gift »

DEAR ABBY: I am planning to attend a birthday party for my friend "Sophia" who is turning 50. When I mentioned to her that I would be shopping for her…

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Young Couple’s Use Of Birth Control Is Long Past Overdue »

DEAR ABBY: My 19-year-old son has been dating the daughter of one of my friends I'll call "Mona." We didn't set them up; they met at some parties. Last summer…

Jul 9 2014 / No Comment / Read More »

Mysterious graffiti artist Banksy illustrates Gaza debris »

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — The work of mysterious British graffiti artist Banksy has made an appearance in the…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Big Sean leans on Kanye West more than ever with new album »

ATLANTA (AP) — Big Sean didn't think his single "I Don't F--- With You" would become a hit. But Kanye…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

New York exhibits mark centennial of Frank Sinatra’s birth »

NEW YORK (AP) — A couple of New York exhibits are paying homage to the centennial of Frank Sinatra's birth…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Don’t tell Madonna: the cape is making a comeback »

MILAN (AP) — The cape is making a comeback in Milan this season — even though Madonna may have something…

Feb 27 2015 / No Comment / Read More »

Greek PM vows to ‘start working hard’ after German vote »

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras vowed Friday to "start working hard" to implement vital reforms in the stricken eurozone country, after Germany's parliament approved a four-month extension to its bailout. "...…

Feb 27 2015 / Read More »

RugbyU – France’s Pape appeals 10-week ban »

- France lock Pascal Pape has appealed the 10-week ban he received after kneeing Ireland's Jamie Heaslip during their Six Nations clash, the tournament's committee announced on Friday. Heaslip suffered three fractured...…

Feb 27 2015 / Read More »

Ukraine conflict at ‘crossroads’ as troop deaths shake truce »

International monitors said Friday the conflict in Ukraine was at a "crossroads" as further losses among government forces rattled a two-week-old truce just as it seemed to...…

Feb 27 2015 / Read More »

EU sets France tough deficit targets »

The EU set France tough new targets on Friday to get its budget deficit back within Brussels rules, keeping up the pressure after giving Paris two more years until 2017 ...…

Feb 27 2015 / Read More »

US flies advanced spy plane over disputed sea: officials »

The United States has flown its most advanced surveillance plane from a military base in the Philippines over flashpoint areas of the South China Sea, Filipino authorities said Friday. With Filipino soldiers...…

Feb 27 2015 / Read More »

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